About US


FOREST FAIRIES SWEETS COMPANY – AN EXPERIENCE OF TASTE THAT IS OUT OF THIS WORLD.  As soon as you take a bite, the flavours just burst through, and give an “aaah” moment.

Forest Fairies is built on the passion “for all things nice”, offering a glorious range of traditional treats. The confectionery is crafted using the finest natural ingredients to ensure that every bite is an indulgent pleasure. Each sweet is filled with different textures, colours and tastes that include layers of hard and soft chocolate, nuts and melt in your mouth nougat.

Exceptional attention is given to every detail in the traditional processes of production, which means that the company can offer sweets of an unsurpassed quality.

Special treats, corporate gifts, or just plain indulgent comfort – there is a Forest Fairies traditional treat to suit every mood or occasion.

We pride ourselves on our outstanding customer service.  We strive to make your Forest Fairies experience truly wonderful in every possible way.